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Stuff We Build For Traders & Funds

Remote Charting

Don't watch charts all day. Set it and forget it with charts sent to your favorite apps.

Machine Learning

Quantitative research and recommendations, algorithmic watchlists, trades and more.

Custom Strategies

We can make your strategies work anywhere. Pinescript, Python, C#, C++, R - We do it all!

Interactive Alerts

Charting is only good if you can act on it. We plug in to most exchanges, so you can execute trades - wherever you are.

Portfolio Allocation

Constant-weighting, Tactical, Dynamic... However you like to diversify, we can automate most (or all) of it.


You should never risk money without proper validations and safeties in place. Testing for risk and quality assurance is our favorite.

Here are some Examples

Do you spend too much time watching markets and news?

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